MyMoody Safety Cloud

Every Moody is delivered with the MyMoody Safety Cloud supported by Sentinel Marine

Constant Boat Monitoring

With MyMoody Safety Cloud your Moody is constantly being monitored to ensure all is well with your pride and joy, From current battery condition through to your tank levels and its position, you can check on the status of your boat from anywhere in the world.

Left your boat at anchor and worried if it is dragging? No problem set your anchor alarm and you will be notified if it strays beyond your set limits.

All in ONE App

All of your connected sensors are synced to the app if there is anything you need to be aware of the app will notify you. Set your minimum depth alarm and you will be notified if in shallow water, or if your batteries are running low, the possibilities are endless! 

 Compatible with iOS on Apple, Android and desktop..

Log Book & Live Position

MyMoody Safety Cloud powered by Sentinel not only shows the current position of your Hanse, but it also records where it has been to provide you with an accurate logbook of your sailing adventures, including detailed boat and wind speed.