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Moody Yachts - Since 1827

Originating in Swanwick on the River Hamble, John Moody discovered his talents as a Shipwright  after setting up a repair yard to service fishing boats. Small dinghies were built as a sideline for over a hundred years until the first sailing yacht was produced in 1935. For seventy years many iconic Moody designs were built on the UK's south coast. In 2006 the owners of Moody Yachts ceased building and in 2007 the Hanse Yachts Group picked up the baton and continued the Moody name from their factory in Greifswald, Germany.

Moody Yachts may look different from the original 1935 model, however, they continue to lead the way with their fusion of classic and modern yacht design.

Inspiration Marine Group

Inspiration Marine Group is one of the UK’s largest new boat dealerships, representing a selection of brands from some of the world's best boat builders.

Our range of Sailing & Power Boats aim to meet the requirements of our customers by offering a wide range of features and design characteristics, whatever type of boating you plan to do.

Customer service is of paramount importance to ensure that your time on the water is enjoyed to its fullest potential.


Our Team's Heritage

Our team at Inspiration Marine is made up entirely of sailors, with extensive knowledge and experience of boats of all sizes ranging from 11 to 200 foot, the UK's coastal waters and even the world's oceans. 

Our team is well placed to help you with the adventure of buying a new yacht.

Latest News

Summer viewing opportunities

Summer viewing opportunities

Come and see a brand new Moody with our team this summer!
Handover sail for a Moody DS41

Handover sail for a Moody DS41

Watch the handover sail on this new Moody DS41, enjoying a beautiful day on Southampton Water.